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FREE advertising for other authors on my YouTube channel (from spotlights to full ASL interpreted picture books)

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I design freebie pages, sell sheets, and other material that will help you grow your author business! ($27-30/hour)


Instagram follow back (authors only), book story shoutout, picture book posts when you send a book to me.


Get a 1:1 Meeting ($27/h):

- Learn to set up your book on KDP or IngramSpark

- Wix (help with subscribe boxes, newsletters, etc.)


Along Came Oliver:
Picture Book & Activity Book Set

Taming the Green-Eyed Monster!

Lilly knows what it’s like to be new in school. So she decides to invite the new kid to play… But jealousy grew inside of her like a balloon being filled up with air. And, as if it couldn’t get any worse, her cat also went missing! Did she just lose her best friend and her pet at the same time? 

  • Jealousy in friendships

  • Different types of jealousy (from things to people)

  • Learn multiple techniques to handle jealousy

  • Get access to free counseling resource

Little Fingers Collection:
Inclusive Education Activity Books

Who knew learning could be fun?! Let's play together: inclusive education for everyone!

From having books supported with American Sign Language (ASL) to picturing characters portraying different features, needs, or backgrounds.


These unique activity books are carefully crafted by a mom with teaching experience. They were reviewed by many other professionals, including ASL teachers and kids! 


Multicultural Kids Collection:
Bilingual Activity Books (En-Pt)

Bilingual learning at your fingertips!


Learn & Practice Brazilian Portuguese along with English as you have fun with your kids! Those dual language books aim to keep encouraging your child to keep the bilingual brain alive! 

Kelle Lima, the author-illustrator, is from Brazil and is raising a multilingual child. So those are a more hands-on approach than just reading books by themselves.


"This book is great for teaching kids at a very young age a second language. Using a coloring book approach, the kid is learning about shapes and colors; anything needed to properly color images in the book."

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"The second I saw this book, I loved it. I have taught preschool, homeschool, and ASL gymnastics classes, and I had never seen a workbook like this one before!"

- Book & Beyond

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"Felix had lots of fun practicing his pencil grip, number formation and cutting skills (just to name a few) while working on these interactive workbooks!"

- Mary Mecham / Disability Book Week

- Allisson Johnston